Focalecig: Free Shipping Worldwide and FAQ


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Focalecig: Free Shipping Worldwide and FAQ

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It is our great honored to be presented on vape-lifehomepage.

We are an online store based in China offers free shipping service for all our vaping gears. (external batteries may be charged for shipping fee). It it a little difficult for us to join the Russian vapers for the language barrier, we are still committed to your satisfaction. We normally give response within 24 hours during business days.
Latest products can be found from our [url=""]new arrivals[/url]
Group Buys, discounts and clearance sales are listed on[url=""][/url]

[COLOR="#0000FF"][url=""]*****The RMA Process*****[/url]
[url=""]*****Shipping Method*****[/url]
[url=""]*****Tracking number*****[/url]
[url=""]*****Product Warranty*****[/url]
[url=""]*****Benefits of drop Shipping*****[/url][/COLOR]

How to reach us?
For any new products consult(pre-sale), please contact
Skype: wallbuyscube
For after-sale service, please contact


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